What Sets Us Apart

What makes Lenk Orthodontics special?  Well, actually, you do!  When you choose Lenk Orthodontics for yourself or your family, you allow us to be part of your personal story.  It's an invitation to a profoundly special moment for you.  Call it your “aha” moment, life event, or milestone.  Working toward that with you lets us be a positive part of your personal journey.  To be a part of that never gets routine; it’s special every time.   

For adults, it’s an empowering moment.  When you decide it’s time to become your better self, you’re investing in your long term health and will feel growing self-confidence that you can take charge and make your tomorrows what you hope they’ll be.

For children, it’s a parent’s gift of love and pride.  When a parent invests in their child, they’re doing what’s in their power to give their kids their best hope for a happy and promising future.  It’s an act of love that says, “I want the best for you. You deserve a life full of confidence and smiles.”

We're privledged to see these amazing aha moments in our office every day.  In the midst of this busy life, our team is reminded that we get up each morning to help and serve others and to make our world a better, happier place.  To help someone make their outside match what’s on the inside, for them to finally see it, feel it, believe it… that’s what does it for us! 

We promise to do our best for you every day, working together toward your special moment when you discover your best smile! 

You can visit us for a complimentary orthodontic consultation by contacting Lenk Orthodontics' Durham, NH practice.  

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